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Grace, Covid, and Church

In this episode, Greg drops by to talk with Nathan and Nathan about reasons why CFC is still closed and not going to open anytime soon. We also spend time talking about other churc...

The Two Towers

In this episode, Nathan and Nathan talk The Two Towers. We had such a great time looking at The Fellowship of the Ring that we wanted to expand into the next book in the series. We...

Summer of 1989: Movies

In this episodes, Nathan and Nathan talk about the movies that came out the summer of 1989. Most of the conversation is spent on this topic, then they take some time to discuss oth...

Equality for All

It has been a while, so, in this episode Nathan, Nathan, and Greg go back to the events of the beginning of June and discuss how and why we should be thinking about all that happen...

Summer Time Nostalgia

In this episode Nathan and Nathan begin what they hope will be some reoccurring episodes on Nostalgia. 

Discussion of the Ring

In this episode, Nathan and Nathan are joined by Jared, Kyle and Chip to engage in a little listener discussion about the Fellowship of the Ring. This was a great discussion about ...

In this episode Nathan and Nathan talk about J.R.R. Tolkien's masterpiece The Fellowship of the Ring. They discuss the book, they discuss the movie, and they compare both. Great st...

Nathan, Nathan, and Greg answer a couple of questions that you all had. Enjoy the answers. 

Time To Get Involved

In this episode Nathan and Nathan talk about what's coming up next for the podcast and how you will be able to participate in a live event. 

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