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In this episode Zach, Nathan, and Nathan talk about their favorite comedy horror movies. So many quotes, so many spoilers. Enjoy!

Nathan and Zach talk about those two flippant words uttered by Johnny Mac that made the whole Internet flip right out and discuss whether pastors really have "the hardest job."

We're Going Long

A bridge from last week into this week. Nathan will be unable to record on Thursday (10/17) so Zach and Nathan are going extra long tonight. Check out Missional Wear and join Zach...

Bonus Ep: "Shame, Shame"

Another bonus ep: a sermon on shame and freedom. Is shame always a bad thing? Should it be banished? When is it useful and when is it a tool of the Enemy?

In this episode Zach and Nathan talk about the downs of funerals, Disney moving back to traditional animation, and the power of forgiveness over hate. The sound is a little wonky a...

BONUS Ep: Believe (in) Me

Nathan had "back to school night" and Zach has two funerals in a row, so here's a bonus ep from Zach's pulpit archives. Make sure to check out Zach's Kickstarter for his audio boo...

You Complete Me

Zach and Nathan are back again. We didn't know where this was going to end up but it was great. Check out Missional Wear and pick up some their great products. 

The "IT" Factor

Zach and Nathan will be back at it tomorrow (9/12). For today enjoy what Nathan and Nathan had to say about It part 1 and 2. This was a great discussion. We know you'll like it. 

In this episode, Zach and Nathan talk about the shows they are currently watching and the ones they are looking forward to. After, they have a great discussion on preaching the gos...

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