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Is Covfefe the New Shibboleth?

It's a tag team week. Nathan is out and Zach is in. Mark Ward joins to talk about his new book Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible. This is one interview you don't want to miss. 


Stupid Things Pastors Say

In this episode, Greg and Nathan talk about the stupid things pastors say. They begin talking about the seriousness of 9/11 and things that were said at that time, but move into a more light hearted discussion about stupid things that are said from the pulpit now. Zach joins for the last fifteen minutes and hilarity ensues. This was fun, and you need to check out Missional Wear particularly the TGT11 page.  


Holy Plagiarism Batman

In this episode Zach and Nathan talk about Rocky Mountain Church. This church is actively seeking a pastor who will plagerize "big name" preachers and deliver their sermons to the congregation. Zach and Nathan go through a rollercoaster of crazyness with this one. After you listen go over to check out Missional Wear, they have some great products like TGT11's page and their new baby products


Donor See

In this episode Zach and Nathan Talk with Gret Glyer. Gret is a really great guy who is bringing awareness to global poverty and doing something about it in the process. Gret's company Donor See pairs donors with actual people who need help all over the world. One such pairing is Amy Hathaway and her project to provide formula for infants. Don't know what to give to specifically, just give a monthly donation and see where it is going to. Donor See Monthly


As always, huge thanks to Missional Wear for all they do for TGT11, and Gut Check


Christian Music and Selling Out

In this episode Zach and Nathan talk about the Christian music they grew up with and what it means to sell out as an artist. 


Shaming Sheep

In this episode Zach and Nathan talk with Nate Pickowicz about what it takes for something to go viral and pastors who shame their congregations when they are not sinning. Nate  is a thinker and prolific commentator on Christian issues, and has even written several books. Check out the great conversation, and then head over to missional wear to pick up one of their great 5 Solas products, or the TGT11 stuff we have going on. 


The Rock, The Ant-Man, and Communion?

In this episode Zach and Nathan talk about Communion and the "right way" to administer the sacrament. Things take a turn into left field when they discuss spoilers and Ant-Man and Wasp, warning, there are spoilers. Don't forget to check out Missional Wear for all of the great products online. 



TGT11's 200th episode, and for those of you who were around for the 100th episode, you'll notice some similarities. Check out Zach, Greg, Nathan, and a cameo apperence by Steve. Also don't forget that Missional Wear has a great These Go To 11 page. Check out Missional Wear for all of your Refomed needs. 


Bonus Ep: Fireside Chat

In this episode Greg and Nathan talk about speaking styles, and the benefit of observing other preaching and speaking styles. 

Once again huge thanks to Missional Wear


Guess Who’s Back?

Zach and Nathan get the man himself, the godfather of TGT11 back online, Mr. Greg Dutcher is in the house to talk about his sabbatical. 

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