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What's stranger than talking about Stranger Things. Talking about talking about Stranger Things. Fun episode, would have been better with the original 4. Sometimes you cannot help ...

In this episode, Nathan and Zach talk a little Marvel, then get into aliens, suspect religious visions, and Carman's history as a boxer, police officer, and Egyptian Pharaoh. Extra...

In this episode Nathan and Nathan talk about summer movie releases and review Spiderman Far From Home. Spoilers on Spiderman. However, there is warning beforehand. 

In this episode Zach and Nathan talk about the nature of God's Will. Lots of stories, lots of heart, lots of laughs, and lots of sarcasm. Everything you've come to expect from TGT1...

It's Pronounced Aang

In this episode, Nathan and Zach discuss all things Avatar: the Last Airbender-related.     

New ep tomorrow night. For now, enjoy this bonus ep: a sermon Zach preached on I Corinthians 15.

Fast Food Christianity

In this episode Zach and Nathan clarify that there are no hard feelings with Missional Wear. We tease in good fun, then we go on to have a brief discussion about Avatar the Last Ai...

ADD AMA #2 Nathan

This week, Nathan is solo, answering listener questions. Don't forget to leave a review and check out Missional Wear for all your reformed needs. 

ADD AMA #1 - Zach

This week, Zach is solo, answering listener questions and going on many rabbit trails.

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