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Adventures of Christina Canapp pt2

Nathan and Cristina sit down for the first time in over three years. It was a great conversation finding out what is going on with her and what God is doing in the Philippines. Email her at to get up dates on what is going on, and how you can support her financially and through prayer. Also don't forget about Missional Wear, we really love those guys. 


Lord of the Olympic Rings

Steve and Nathan begin the count down. We're sad to see Steve step back, but excited to see Zach Bartels step into the possition. We talk about the Olymipics and the history of Curling, what ever that is. Don't forget about Valentine's Day and Missional Wear for the products that say I love you. 


Why Football?

In this episode Steve and Nathan talk about Superbowl parties, football, and does God care who wins or looses. Listen in for a big announcement, and to see who won The Way Back books. 


The Way Back

Steve takes the night off and Nathan interviews Jonathan Bock and Phil Cooke about their latest book THE WAY BACK: HOW CHRISTIANS BLEW OUR CREDIBILITY AMD HOW WE GET IT BACK. This was a great interview. These two men have a heart and passion to see Christians start living for the Gospel. Don't forget about Missional Wear and say happy Valentines Day with a product from TGT11.


Hail to the Chief, Baby

Steve and Nathan talk about respect and honor vs. disobedience. When is it good to disobey the government and when should you submit? TGT11 is also pleased to annouce our partnership with Grace Hill Media. We're looking forward to joining with them to bring you great book, movie, and music reviews. Don't forget to check out Missional Wear for all of their great products. 


The Dark Arguments

In this episoe, Steve and Nathan discuss the dark side of social media, particularly Facebook. Are there discussions worth having on facebook, or should those things be relegated to face to face conversations. Ironically Steve and Nathan talk about this over the phone. Enjoy. Also check out the new products from Missional Wear


The Old and The New

In this episode Steve and Nathan talk about some of the highlights from 2017. They also talk about some of the things to come for the future of TGT11 in 2018. A little of the past and a little of the future. Enjoy. 

Don't forget about Missional Wear and all of the great Reformed products they have to offer. 


Bring us pudding, and a cup of cheer, or some other stuff

A TGT11 First. Christmas gift giving ideas. In this episode, Steve and Nathan talk about Christmas' past in particular they talk about gift giving and getting ideas. Hope you all enjoy, also don't forget that there is still time to check out Missional Wear for your reformed shopping needs. 


Songs of TGT11

Greg, Steve, and Nathan are back, this time talking about Christmas music. Don't forget to check out Missional Wear for your Christmas shopping ideas. 


Have Yourself A Pagan Little Christmas

It's Christmas time! One of TGT11's favorite holidays. This episode it brought to you by Steve, Nathan, and Greg. These crazy guys are talking about how to think about Christmas. Is it just another pagan holiday, or is there something more to it. Hope you enjoy this one, and don't forget to check out Missional Wear for all your shopping needs. 

Winners from last weeks podcast with Adam Kareus was Zach Burnham and Mark Daniel Labolle. Email at to get your free copy of the book.